Top Luxury Features Across the States - What did Oklahoma decide?

Dated: 03/05/2018

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According to each state has its own preference on what is most important in a luxury home.

Lucky for us, the company did some digging into its internal data and broke down luxury home sales for 2017 by amenities, price point and room count for each listing in the U.S. over $1 million. The results? Well, they just might shock you.

Kicking off the research, lists the top five million-dollar home features in the U.S. Who knew that waterfront views would come in last?

Now onto the real fun! This map shows us the top million-dollar home features after pools and bars across the nation — this includes no-brainers like hot tubs in Colorado, waterfront views in Florida and elevators in New York, next to some interesting surprises such as home theaters in Oklahoma.

Checkout the listings on our website for Luxury homes with theaters!


This article originally appeared in Inman News. Read the full piece, which is full of more fun + interesting information about how luxury features differ from state to state.

Author Amy Puchaty is the owner and principal writer at Amy Puchaty Communications in Boulder, Colorado. Follow her on Facebook or Twitter

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